Friday, July 5, 2013

USA 4th of July, is everyone cerebrating?

Gary Sinise / Lieut. Dan
July 4th, 2013! That was my first time to witness how they do. On internet, everyone can find its meaning. Sure. Just three days ago, Paul Kagame and Uhuru Kenyatta had joined Burundians for the Independence Day. But what may it still mean, especially that US? I spent the whole day at Arlee. No way to see late Arlee! What a stupid idea! Not as “stupid as stupid do”, because when the master of ceremony said, “Let’s remember our ancestors”, I then asked to Allyson Kellum who was just beside me, “do we get off the hut?” That was during powwow: very interesting as I said some days ago. Then, after Ariel Barrett had our ticket to the Rodeo! Yes, I sow that cowgirl! That was my first time to see that, live! I then asked to  Andres Perez , “Is really the world serious?” He said, “What?” I replied “La corrida!” He laughed as he knows the song. (…) In the night, I went down to watch TV when others climbed “M” to watch the fireworks: on Fox news, the debate was all about “Data: when our secret is out!” Another one was “They come to America!” Very interesting title, this last one! Yet, during the Powwow, the MC had said, “Please join us and let’s dance, the feast is for all of us!” He was one of those “Native American”, who have seen things, in their life. Before I went to sleep and this whole Friday, I remembered the movie “Forrest Gump”. Can it help to understand my question? (…) As this "melting pot" is really huge, everybody can still try to find out what they are passing through, since 1776.

Audace Machado

M.Conner Humphrey (10 then 25-2001)
John Worsham/ F. Gump
The saying “Life is like a box of chocolates”, adapts well the movie “Forrest Gump”. Not only every place’s life is made of good and bad experiences and opportunities, but when the US way of life comes, Forrest Gump describes as well this “melting pot” of big country, and gives a nice picture of either most values and anti-models of America.
Since the beginning of this long movie (more than 2 hours), we find where may be the power of this country: in addition to the education for every kids, America has developed special schools for children with abnormal IQ.

Moreover, education in this country promotes diverse students competence, especially sport. For example, Forrest Gump, despites his intelligence challenges, he graduated after five years of studying, but chiefly performing well football. Last example, in terms of culture, we find entirely through this movie, the power of music. Forrest has met “The King of pop music” since he was young. Besides, Gospel music helped him to socialize better. The same, Jenny her friend since childhood,  has survived and even seen this world harmony through music.
Politically, Forrest Gump is showing how America should be/is seen as a country of freedom of speech.  Let’s remember this big gathering at a public place to denounce the war in Viet-Nam: “We must declare to that fucking impostor in the White House -- Johnson. We ain't going to work on your farm no more!” “Yeah!”  The master of ceremonies is cheered up most of the time he loudly uses the “F-words-, regardless his shirt made in USA’s national colors. We may call it “deface”, but that Hippie movement spread in the world as “Peace and Love” movement.  
Sally Fiels / Mrs Gump
 You’ve got to put the pass behind you before you can move on”, suggested the mother of Forrest, especially when “Shit happens”, had offered Gump, later on. America can’t hide the discrimination that affected its people. Am I correct if I say that “probably American just trust in God?” I don’t even believe in that. Probably some of them: “God is mysterious”, Gump resumed her mother. What is sure, Forrest grew up with “Momma said not to be taking rides from strangers.” I remember, one off these last days, riding on a bike just to relaxe, I stopped to admire not only those kids playing, but also that public garden they were enjoying life. One of them sow me and run away. I then remembered that people in Montana are not so much accustomed  to "african" people! Very rare! Some even don't know about Buffalo Soldiers.

A. Machado at Ft Missoula
 Forrest kept on mind what theories such as that of Ku-Klux-Klan have made of America. Therefore, though the movie shows more love and help instead of hatred especially that based on race, it had invested till the public services such as education, and some authorities (such G. Wallace, the Governor of Alabama), even some States incarnated it. This prejudice has even been manifested through violence to political assassinations. In 1972, Wallace was shot, Nixon has been targeted. In 1981, Reagan escaped in extremis. Kennedy bothers didn’t escape in the year 1960’s. Nevertheless, tears and bloodshed through years too and among normal people, especially young volunteering in army, because of the America imperialism, if we swear by “Where have all the flowers gone”, a famous American funeral song.

Hanna Hall as young Ginny
Robin Wright as Ginny
All in all, in America, there is always a way to become someone from almost nothing. One day! Bob Dylan’s called it “Blowin’ In the Wind”. It looks easy:  “Have you given  any thought to your future?” was he asked when Uncle Sum needed him, for Viet-Nam. Because, people dream, not only Jenny: “You remember that time we prayed, Forrest? We prayed for God to turn me into a bird so I could fly far, far away?

In terms of American values and vicious package, we can’t omit the perfect friend ship embodied by Jenny and Lieutenant Dan, both Forrest best friends and who escaped suicide, especially pushed in by alcoholism and personal extreme problems. Last, it’s about the motherhood personified by Mrs Gump (the mother of Forrest) and Jenny who almighty loved and protected their sons before dying tragically, while he became well-heeled.

I thought my understanding of the meaning of that day can continue. I just said, "It was amazing", when Dr Sandra Janusch asked me, "how was it?"

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